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Qtellelectronics Microsoft WINDOWS XP PRO Professional SP2 OEM
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Qtellelectronics Microsoft WINDOWS XP PRO Professional SP2 OEM

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Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional with Service Pack 2 (SP2) includes a collection of software updates that improve on the Windows XP operating system since its general availability in October 2001. Service Pack 2 brings users of Windows XP advanced security technologies and innovations that establish stronger security settings to help defend against viruses hackers and worms. The Service Pack also has tools that help users manage and control security settings even better. We recommend that each system builder and technology partner investigate Service Pack 2 before determining whether to deploy it.

Key Benefits for System Builders:

    * Enhanced Preinstallation Process.

      Microsoft has greatly improved and simplified the preinstallation process for your unique built-to-order Windows XP Professional-based client systems.

    * Increased Revenue Opportunities.

      Windows XP Professional can support up to 4 GB of RAM and two symmetric multiprocessors—an opportunity for increased revenue. Your customers can experience the highest performance reliability and exceptional manageability available from Microsoft.

    * Reduced Support Costs and Increased Customer Satisfaction.

      Windows XP Professional can help protect system files from user error better than its predecessors and simplify system management. It also includes an improved diagnostics tool that aids in troubleshooting. Customers may handle many routine administration tasks themselves which can help lower your overall support costs.

    * Easier Integration and Deployment.

      Windows XP Professional provides advanced management deployment and support tools to make your job easier. Windows XP Professional integrates seamlessly into existing Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory® environments and exposes hundreds of new system policies.

    * Microsoft Windows XP Professional Step-by-Step Interactive.

      This Microsoft Press® CD-ROM features simulations and self-assessment quizzes providing you with a simple cost-effective way of adding training value for your business customers.

Why Recommend to Your Customers?

    * Get the Networking Foundation You Need.

      Customers receive the level of networking they need now and they'll have a flexible networking foundation as their businesses evolve from a simple peer-to-peer network to integrating into a client/server network-based on the Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003 and Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 operating systems.

    * Share Resources.

      Peer-to-peer networking in Windows XP Professional allows for sharing of documents printers and an Internet connection with up to 10 computers without a server and has the ability to add a Windows XP Professional-based system as a client to a domain environment.

    * Work from Anywhere with Internet Access.

      Customers can work from the road or from home with the ability to access the files and applications on their desktop computers when they are away from the office.

    * Benefit from Advanced Security Technologies.

      Advanced Windows XP Professional security technologies such as the Windows Firewall and Internet Explorer Pop-Up Blocker provide a fast easy and free way for business customers to better protect their business PCs.

    * Save Time with High Performance.

      Windows XP Professional has 36 percent faster performance than Windows 98 Second Edition (SE) with a 34 percent faster boot over the Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional operating system according to a Windows XP Performance Study conducted by eTesting Labs in September 2001.

    * Count on Reliability.

      Windows XP Professional is at least 10 times more reliable than Windows 98 SE according to a Windows XP Reliability Study conducted by eTesting Labs in September 2001.

    * Computer*

      PC with a 233-MHz or faster processor; 300 MHz recommended (Intel® Pentium/Celeron/Centrino family AMD® K6/Athlon/Duron family or compatible processor recommended)*

      128 MB of RAM recommended (64 MB minimum supported; may limit performance and some features)


      1.5 GB of available hard-disk space (additional space may be required if installing over a network


      CD-ROM or DVD drive


      Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor

          o Keyboard Microsoft Mouse Microsoft IntelliMouse® or compatible pointing device

          o 28.8-Kbps modem or fax modem and service provider required for Internet access (service provider may charge a fee)

          o Sound requires a sound card and speakers (USB speakers require a computer with USB support) or headphones

          o Remote Assistance requires that both parties be running Windows XP and be connected over a network

          o Remote Desktop requires a computer running Windows 95 or later and the two computers must be connected over a network

          o DVD video playback requires a DVD drive and DVD decoder card or DVD decoder software and 8 MB of video RAM

          o Windows Movie Maker video capture feature requires an appropriate digital or analog video capture device and 400-MHz or faster processor for digital video camera capture

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