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Franchise Wholesale Dropshipping Website Business Partnership

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Price: 489.99
Weight: Free Shipping
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franchise Wholesale Offer at pound;49.99 plus vat

            Welcome to Qtellwholesale limited

We offer Drop ship Websites is an online-store outfitting service.
What this means is
that we create you an E-commerce store specializing in your choice of drop
shipped products.
Such as mp4/mp3 players,
GPS, Mobile phones, and many other types of items from a list of
hundreds of suppliers.

With a store from Qtellwholesale limited, you do not have to maintain
costly inventory
or figure out complex programming code;
we take care of the computer code,
and the product vendor (the drop ship company or "drop shipper")
takes care of inventory
and shipping.
All you do is process sales - and collect the customer's money!

The best part about our service is within a few hours you can be in
business for
yourself running your own E-commerce company.
We provide you with everything
you need to run a profitable internet company.
We provide the software, supplier, credit card processing, hosting,

It’s a very simple three step process which is listed below.
All you need to be in business for yourself is a few hundred dollars
and the work ethic. We provide the rest!

If your interested in a franchise website listed with over 1000
products Contact us.
If you go on www.google.com and type in tradekey paypal  
you will see three of my franchise partners on page one with
the most used keywords on the internet. this keyword is just an example 
we have made many websites that is listed on page one of google   

Qtellwholesale limited

Drop shipping as a concept is actually very simple and easy to understand.
This is why thousands of people throughout the world are using this method
as a mechanism to start their own online empires.

franchise Wholesale Offer at £49.99 plus vat

The first step is to pick a website that fits
your interest. To the Bottom you will see a
wide variety of web based business you
can choose from.
All of our sites are custom built so our inventory changes very often.
We do not resell the same site over and over like our competitors.
We hand build each site and we only work with
high quality drop ship companies to provide the products.

Qtellwholesale limited 

Once you have found a website that you
would enjoy operating then we provide you
online training. When the website is Finished
we will teach you on the phone and show
you how to work the website.


Once you have your site and you have learned how the industry works
you are ready to start taking orders and making money with your new site.
We will help you with every aspect such as setting up your hosting to getting
your credit card processing up and running.
Please view at the bottom of the page all the features you will be getting.

How it all works
First of all let us explain a little about how our company works. Our sites are a lot like a franchise such as Subway. We approach product manufacturers such as Mobile phones, laptops, ipods, mp4 players, gps, etc. and we explain to them the benefits of expanding their vendors into the internet world. We establish relationships with these vendors and then we develop websites for them selling their products. Then we sell these websites to business entrepreneurs that want to start home based business.

Since many entrepreneurs have great business skills but lack some of the internet marketing skills we train our customers on the tactics and skills they need to run a profitable internet business such as how to get websites ranked well in the search engines. This is all done via an online video course that you can watch at your own pace and as often as you would like.
What is Drop Ship
All of our ecommerce websites that sell products are drop shipped. Drop ship simply means that you do not inventory the products. The manufacturers stock the products and when you sell one you contact them and they ship it directly to your customer.

Since most of our customers operate their businesses from their home many do not have the room nor want to take on the expense of stocking the products so we only work with suppliers that will drop ship the products for the business owner. 
What’s Special about this Franchise web site deal

1. With this franchise offer . You will have a website listed with all http://www.qtellvoipwholesale.com/ products.

2. You would have your very own banner worth over £200.00 from any other company here in the uk.

3. Please take a good look on google and contact anyother company . Websites like this cost well over £1000.00

4. You can sell products for the same price as me and we will split the proffits. this is how this works : Say for example i can buy ten nokia n95 mobile phones for £500.00 they sell on the website for £1000.00 . The same job lot of mobile phones would be on your website for the same price . So you would make £250.00 and i would make the same.

5.With this franchise website . You can list your own products also. This website will hold well over 10.000 products

6. FREE EMAIL HOSTING . Say for example you have an email address called example@eircom.net . And say your website is called www.thebestwestsite.com You would have your own email address called info@thebestwebsite.com so when someone email you through that email you will get the email sent too  example@eircom.net 

7. You can bulk upload 1000s of products within hours with very little work.. This is good becouse if you find a new supplyier and you would like to resell there products. You can ask them for a SCV file and you just upload it onto the website.. This means you can take all products from anyother comany and have the products for sale on your website. We are allways here to help you with that

8. Free merchants account. Cheaper then paypal . You will have your own merchants account so you can take payments over the phone by email and through the website. You can take Credit cards and debit cards from anywhere in the world. We can also set up paypal for you and anyother merchant account.

9. We will design a Video for you to go onto the website. You can tell us what type of video you would like and we will design one to your needs. You can also have Music added to the website if wanted.

10. Free domain name . With the website we will also give you a free domain name you can choose the name that you like for the website. The domain names last for two years. After the two years it will only cost around £10.00 to renew

11. Free domain name . With the website we will also give you a free domain name you can choose the name that you like for the website. The domain names last for two years. After the two years it will only cost around £10.00 to renew

We will connect you with True Wholesale Drop Shippers. A True Dropshipper is a Company who actually sends the item to your customer with your name and address on the package - YOU DO NOT have to buy any wholesale product - The Dropshipper carries the inventory, so that YOU can sell product on line.

We will build you an affordable eCommerce website loaded with drop ship products.Your Website will looklike www.qtellvoipwholesale.com  Listed with all the same products. If you dont like the style of www.qtellvoipwholesale.com simply go on google and find a website design you like and we will copy it. 

A customer comes to your drop ship website and buys an item. You will be notified by email that you have an awaiting order - you will log into your secured administrative page and go to the Order Section - Here you will find one of the easiest Ordering Systems available today.

You'll process their order & collect their money. You'll wait for their Check, Money Order or PayPal. to clear. For the quickest payment you can charge their Visa, MC or Discover Card - Remember we'll give you a FREE Merchant Account with your drop ship website with NO Monthly merchant account fees to pay.

You'll go to your Drop Shipper & place the order with them. Now that you've been paid, you'll go to the drophipper and sign into your account on their members page - Once your in, you'll need to place the order by putting in the SKU # of the wholesale product and your customers name and address - Now let the drop shipper do the rest

The Dropshippers will send the item to your customer. Your dropshipper sends the item to your customer, professionally packaged, at the best postage. With in a few days, the order has reached your happy customer.

Your customer receives the item with your name & address on it. Your customer has no idea that the item was sent by your dropshipper, so when your customer wants to order again, they will be right back at your website, and the process begins all over again.

At Qtellwholesale limited we have taken what people have been doing since the beginning of time and made it easy. Buying and selling is nothing new but it's not always easy to start your own business without having a lot of capital to invest up front.
We have the solution, and for as little as £489.99.99 EX VAT you can start selling your own products online. No catch, no hidden costs just a simple and extremely effective tool that can make you up to £1000's of extra pounds every month.

Drop shipping Website is the perfect way to start your own online business!

Franchise Dropshipping Website Business Partnership Qtellwholesale limited

Features Overview 
Product Merchandising
 Supports Gift Certificates 
 Provide discounts based on number of items ordered (quantity discounts) 
 Product up sell opportunities 
 "Customers who bought "x" also bought these products" in the checkout areas. 
 Supports discount / coupon codes 
 Price-based discounting 
 Supports full product descriptions with HTML and product summaries 
 Allows for unlimited secondary images 
 Ability to control the product image size on both product and catalogue pages 
 Recommended products 
 "Tell a friend" feature 
 Create "Buy x Get y Free" discounts 
 "Best Sellers" area
 Advanced product search capabilities 
 Supports Gift Messaging 
 Export products to Google Base, BizRate.com, ShopZilla.com and more  
Customer Relation Management 
"My Account" area allows customer to view previous orders, status and shipping tracking information 
 Customer address book 
 Allows customers to create wish lists 
 Send product newsletters to your customers 
 Send product update notifications to your customers 
 Saved Cart feature allows customers to save multiple carts so they can purchase items later 
 Automated e-mails when customer creates order and order is shipped 
 One-Page Checkout feature - Fastest checkout available on any cart 
 Ability to add custom fields to the checkout process for collecting additional customer information 
 Allows customers to checkout without creating an account 
 Supports backorders 
 Full customer reporting 
 Hide product pricing to all but registered customers 
 FREE live chat  
Search Engine Friendly
 True flat URL generation
 Most search engine friendly cart available today
 Complete Meta Tag (title, keyword and description) support for all pages including home, product and catalogue pages 
 Automated title, keyword and description tag generator with the ability to override for all product pages 
 Google™ Site Map support 
 Robots.txt files supported 
 Auto generates site maps 
 Creates "Breadcrumb" navigation 
 Search-engine-friendly architecture 
 Ability to upload customized HTML pages to assist in search engine positioning  
Unlimited Payment Options
 Fully PCI Compliant 
 Gateways include:  
 Link point 
 Echo Inc 
 Google™ Checkout 
 Accept Paypal, Paypal Payments Pro, Paypal Express and more 
 Click here for all supported gateways 
 Supports eChecks 
 Ability to store credit card information for off-line processing 
 Ability to accept payments via telephone, mail, fax 
 Ability to set unlimited custom payment methods 
 Export data to QuickBooks™, Peachtree™ or other accounting programs  
Shipping and Tax
 Real-time shipping quotes from UPS, USPS, Canada Post and FED-EX. 
 Mark-up or discount rates from supported carriers 
 Prints USPS shipping labels 
 Set custom handling fees 
 Create custom shipping methods 
 Calculate shipping costs by weight, quantity, region and more 
 Offer free shipping 
 Offer product specific shipping pricing
 Ability to restrict shipping based on country or state / providence 
 Manage shipping rates based on country and shipping method 
 Shipping tracking from UPS, USPS, Canada Post and Fed-Ex 
 International shipping supported 
 Supports downloadable (Digital) products 
 Quick "Estimated Shipping" calculation - Customer can quickly estimate shipping based on zip code before checking out. 
 Ability to set tax by state and / or country 
 Supports advanced tax structures including VAT, Canada, USA, product and/or category tax and more. 
 Provides customer with the option of selecting from multiple methods from multiple shipping providers  
Updates and Backups
 Cart notifies you when updates are available and allows you to update your store in a couple of clicks 
 Back-up cart flies from the admin area 
 Restore any file with one click  
Order Management
 Ability to "status" orders 
 Add / edit / delete orders
 Set minimum order amount 
 Create custom status to help with your internal order management 
 Displays both order and payment status to assist with order processing 
 Bulk edit orders 
 Ability to batch print orders 
  Notifies customer when order is shipped 
  Create professionally printed invoices 
  Integrates with Stone Edge Order Manager, Atandra T-Hub and  eCommerce Connector to assist with order processing  
Create unlimited administrator accounts 
 Restrict access to particular features by administrator 
 Restrict access to particular features by administrator 

Completely Customizable
 Professional and Sleek design 
 Select from multiple product page templates to better present your products 
 Our "Catalog View" manager allow you to select a two-column, three-column, thumbnail double, thumbnail single or text view 
 Choose from over 200 different button and header combinations (or upload your own) 
 Adjust boxes, create advertising areas, highlight products, change fonts, add logos, manage links, create new pages all with one click 
 Easily make text changes anywhere on your site 
 Ability to add your own custom header and footer to the site 
 Create unlimited pages for your cart from within the administrator area 
 Supports the ability to add items to the cart from pages outside the cart application 
 Multi language and multi currency support with "One Click" updates on currency rates               

Qtellwholesale limited


If you would like to know more about this package then please add us to your msn or feel free to phone us on

Irl  00353469540202 or worldwide 00353469540202 I can show you some example websites with very high rankings on Google.

My websites are Google friendly.

With this franchise offer there is a monthly fee of £9.00 pounds fee this is for the hosting and dropship account


Looking a web site like this that will hold 1000's of products and if you have a e-Bay Amazon account you can sell with no extra costs
For a free trial please complete the online form below

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2.Your Email: *
3.Yes I would Like A Free Trial *
4.Please Type The Name You Would Like To Use For Your Website *
5.My Flash Design Code That I Would Like On My Wesite *

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